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There is a huge need for “change” , for “corporate excellence” , to tackle the world’s problems in a whole. But how? Absolutely NOT how we did “manage” it the last 120 years. LEAN, SixSigma, PDCA, AI, ERP, ….. all “tools” to “get on track” again. But which track ? The same? Preferably not I would say.

Excellence should be a mindset by default , and for many of us it is, in fact I cannot imagine somebody going to work in the morning saying “Let’s make as much trouble as possible” and yet…. How do we get into as much trouble as we do ? My answer is simple : Because we have poor (weak) decision making. And how is that possible? By information getting
filtered out through “subjective analyze”. In this blog I will be posting some comments on (global and local) issues, which could be a result of poor decision making, just for the sake of showing that this is a universal problem in all industries and through all categories or levels of decision takers.

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01 July 2012

Mediocrity, lite the fuse !

Self obtaining abundance got us to settle for mediocrity in social behaviour...but.
Having the perception of being an individual with no strings attached to "the pack" is a long-term trap, a bomb, but with potentially short and longer fuses, which one will you lite ?

If you think "social" has nothing to do with "me" or "me" in relation to "company" or "profit" or "business" , let me help you on changing your view... you might even help saving humanity in the long run...

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