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There is a huge need for “change” , for “corporate excellence” , to tackle the world’s problems in a whole. But how? Absolutely NOT how we did “manage” it the last 120 years. LEAN, SixSigma, PDCA, AI, ERP, ….. all “tools” to “get on track” again. But which track ? The same? Preferably not I would say.

Excellence should be a mindset by default , and for many of us it is, in fact I cannot imagine somebody going to work in the morning saying “Let’s make as much trouble as possible” and yet…. How do we get into as much trouble as we do ? My answer is simple : Because we have poor (weak) decision making. And how is that possible? By information getting
filtered out through “subjective analyze”. In this blog I will be posting some comments on (global and local) issues, which could be a result of poor decision making, just for the sake of showing that this is a universal problem in all industries and through all categories or levels of decision takers.

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16 April 2012

PV : Rethink society

It is funny to see how smart AND how dumb we collectively are when it comes to money. Mix it up with greed,and selfishness and look what we have ! A crisis which is bad, people starve or take their life... And the best we can do is go " Well that's bad" . I tried to mobilize my children (15 and 13) to do something for their counterparts in Greece (the ones starving and fainting in classes because they have no food ...) and got realy upset when they couldn't be bothered. So not only did we forget what happened in the previous crisisses (or how it got to that point) apparently it is human nature to not be bothered .
(My children have a big heart, are social and have no clue about making money on this situation so that's not a reason.) And now this , in a whole got me even more upset because what's going to be the outcome? Well roughly, some people will get rich, some will get poor, many will suffer some will die, some by their own doing and some will do ok... in the end we will survive I guess but for me, as a human being , I cannot believe we all are as shallow as it gets, because when we are not affected personally (and really personally) our intrest of doing something fundamental decimates, even if it is our neighbour (or family...) So , leaders of the wolrd, CEO's, Academics, NGO's and all other individuals who have any influence, unite and rethink our society PLEASE !!!

15 April 2012

This is me ...

“I am a “Rebel” , an innovator, NOT a follower at all. I constantly challenge the status quo and will often be a source of great disturbance.

But the disturbance will be that I will get management and collaborators to rethink procedures, rules and attitudes , getting them out of their comfort zone until they reach “Excellence by default”.

Because excellence, common sense and “Evidence based decisions making” (where applicable) will lead to efficient AND effective companies, happy collaborator and a balanced work environment, company and society.”

As a self-made and self-educated individual and conscious of my own limitations, I upgraded my “Master degree in Aerospatiale engineering” to a level of “Master rebel”.

I studied and used LEAN, Six Sigma, theory of constrains, game theory, meta analyzing, TQM, Deming ,critical thinking and other tools and realized that “change” or “operational excellence” is more that reaching some goals or discard some “waste”.
It’s an attitude adjustment and mindset update, getting companies and management to that 2.0 state where excellence becomes a natural output of common effort.

I am NOT a yes-sir-man. Keeping in mind that sometimes un-logical decisions have to be taken and respecting hierarchy and loyalty, I think it is my primary duty to provide exact and unbiased information, regardless of anyone’s personal objectives and or agenda.

In fact I see myself as an all-in–one “private investigator / journalist / scientist”.

I have worked on several projects within the Belgian armed forces as well as civil organizations, some of which were on European level, basically on issues regarding operations of the Military airport but also on issues which overpassed the limits of the airport and became national issues on schooling, procurement, quality and audit and logistics and which are now implemented on European level.

If you are looking for a loyal, reliable , “out of the box” thinker/do-er that provides answers for even unrevealed questions , which puts the “magic” in getting more synergies and cooperation in your company and providing exact, useful reports and analyzes as well as solid “change” proposals , I’m your man.

My (apparently) lack of any other qualification is secondary to my core qualifications and will only motivate me to get the newest ,up-to-date insights on any given aspect.

13 April 2012

PV : Change is change of change


WE CAN change, WE CAN go for a better world, WE CAN make a better future for our children, get everybody to school, provide for everyone , love each other and end all wars!

But CAN YOU ? And best of all , who got that crazy idea in your head that YOU are the one , best placed to change for the better ?

People are so good in such bad things, we don’t like lazy, but we all are, we hate inefficiency but we all have worked  that way , we HATE people making bad decisions especially if it’s our boss, but we make equally stupid ones when we are on the top.

OK, so we invent  “change”, LEAN, SixSigma, Deming, AI, etc. and above all , let’s develop some “SoftSkills” … Wait a minute ,so we acknowledge there is something wrong, get a tool to correct these errors (or so we hope) and then we learn how to “convince” people, persuade them.

Get a though decision to pass. Learn how to get that 7 figure pay and corner office with a view…by looking good and using the good words! OK , I can do that , ..done.

And what about the whole process that got us all into a bad situation in the first place? Did we get that covered ?  What ? That “LEAN” stuff, mmm that’s where I get a big controversial.

Give me a “LEAN“ company , and I get you 10 % more “LEAN” than your team ! Why? Because I do not rely on “LEAN” , I rely on people and me ! LEAN is a TOOL ! A hammer, pliers, shovel .

Because of so much obvious “waste” every tool works, but that’s like giving a fireman who puts out a fire with a cup a bucket in place, YES a 300% gain! Right, but we have fire trucks now with hoses spraying a cubic meter of water a minute ! That’s how “change” should be, not being happy because you reached a goal or target or have a nice story to tell the shareholders. GET everything out of a decision or project ! And that’s only possible by getting critics, rebels to join in.

Convince a critic or a rebel and the rest is easy! But if even a moderate collaborator can wipe your idea off the table, rethink, ..or you could also ignore everybody , get comfortable in your tiny group “managers” and “softskill” the hell out of everybody J   ( I mean  just lie, and manipulate, which are the old world for it).

EX : A TRUE STORY, " Another GREEK tragedy, in the make "....

I am sharing this article of my friend JP Van Rossem, Some will say he's a crook, some will say he's a genious, I say he's a MAN, a Rebel,  he THINKS, he is above all NOT a follower , he is NO troublemaker although he makes a lot of trouble .... he is an economist with a clear  but "out of the box " view, I don't even agree on ALL he says , which is normal and healthy, PLEASE read and SHARE ( translate would be nice ) A non-fiction story about modern society, modern management and what it does to a country, continent and the world .... DEXIA OF DE KONINGINNEWEG NAAR EEN VERZEKERD GRIEKENLAND AAN DE SCHELDE
door Jean Pierre van Rossem op vrijdag 13 april 2012 om 2:35 ·
Stilaan gaan de ogen open. Beginnen de eerste mensen de ware diepgang van de tragedie te beseffen: Dexia. Gisteren heeft het bureau van bedrijfsrevisoren, dat het oude Dexia in april 2008 heeft aangesteld, Deloitte dus, even een tip van de sluier opgelicht. Deloitte heeft inderdaad meegedeeld dat de holding Dexia in 2011 niet 11.6 miljard verloor, maar wel 16.4 miljard euro. In financiële kringen werd dit al eerder vermoed, maar niemand durfde het toe te geven, want een extra verlies van bijna 5 miljard levert het onomstotelijk bewijs dat het eigen vermogen van de holding niet 7.6 miljard is zoals CEO Mariani op 23 februari nog liet geloven, ook niet 2.8 miljard is zoals experts dezelfde dag berekenden, maar 4.8 miljard minder, dus minus 2.0 miljard euro zoals ik al maanden geleden schreef on mijn notitie Dexia, de atoombom onder de Belgische welvaartstaat. Dat kon men gisteren afleiden uit een artikel, uitgesmeerd over twee bladzijden in De Standaard van 12 april (pp. 26-27).
In de Wetstraat schijnt niemand te beseffen wat dit in feite betekent, dus heeft het bureau van Deloitte (een auditbureau met Frank Verhaegen en Bernard de Meulemeester als revisoren) het effen netjes voorgerekend. Het passief van de Dexia holding – hou u even vast voor u wegduizelt, mijnheer, mevrouw – beloopt 403.1 miljard euro voor een eigen vermogen van … minus 2.0 miljard euro! In een normaal land – ik bedoel in een rechtstaat – impliceert dit dat de Dexia holding niet virtueel failliet is, maar ook daadwerkelijk failliet. De wet schrijft immers voor dat als de verliezen minstens de helft van het kapitaal bedragen een vennootschap failliet moet worden verklaard. Bij een verlies van 16.4 miljard euro voor een kapitaal dat nog minder dan een stuiver waard is, zou de Dexia holding dus al lang failliet zijn verklaard. Enfin toch in iedere rechtstaat met minstens nog een morzel fatsoen.
Raar toch hoe men in België redeneert over het “toepassen van de wet”. Voor 23 hongerstakers mocht men niet de minste uitzondering op de wet maken, ook al bestond er kans dat een paar van hen de hongerdood zouden sterven. Zelfs de ethicus Etienne Vermeersch werd er bijgehaald om plechtig op de buis te verklaren dat medelijden met de hongerstakers uit den boze was, dat ze chantage pleegden, en dat de wet zonder pardon moest worden toegepast. Maggie de Block zag in dit soort redeneringen een bewijs dat de hongerstakers geen bezoek van haar waard waren: in de rechtstaat België wordt er niet gesold met de wet!
Inderdaad: raar toch. Als het om weerloze mensen gaat dan gaat er niets boven de wet, ook al creperen ze erbij. Als het om een CD&V en ACW bastion als Dexia gaat dan wordt dezelfde wet plots een elastiek waar je eindeloos kunt aan rekken. Inderdaad, meer dan raar toch, dat in een land waar het bulkt van de rechters er niet één enkele is, die de wet toepast en Dexia zonder verder dralen failliet verklaart. Zoiets zou in de eerste de beste bananenrepubliek gebeuren, evenwel niet in het koninkrijk der improvisatie dat toevallig België heet.
Het is zonneklaar waarom geen enkele rechter zijn werk doet, waarom de rotte appel die Dexia is, niet failliet wordt verklaard conform met de wet. Als Dexia morgen in faling gaat moet de Belgische staat overmorgen al zonder verwijl 54.5 miljard euro op tafel leggen (5000 euro per Belg, kinderen en zuigelingen inbegrepen, zeg maar 20.000 euro per gezin). Die 54.5 miljard correspondeert met de staatsgaranties die het duo Leterme-Reynders in een vlaag van totale zinsverbijstering aan Dexia verstrekte. (Daarvan is inmiddels al 41 miljard verkwanseld!) Van een Minister van Financiën met ook maar een morzel verstand in zijn kop zou men actie hebben verwacht. Zoniet van ene Steven Vanackere die denkt dat hij de bal eeuwig voor zich kan uitrollen. Al vergeten dat Dexia eind december 20 miljard euro binnenrijfde tijdens de eerste uitdeelronde van de ECB en allicht nog eens 30 miljard (cijfer officieel nog steeds niet bevestigd) rijdens de tweede uitdeelronde van goedkope kredieten. Wat een Minister van Financiën met zelfs maar embryonale kennis van financiën zou hebben gedaan is zowel de eerste als de tweede keer onmiddellijk beslag leggen op de presentjes die Dexia kreeg. Was dit gebeurd dan hadden we al 50 miljard van de 54.5 en konden we ons eindelijk voorgoed ontdoen van de rotte CD&V/ACW appel mits het lenen van de ontbrekende 4.5 miljard. Zo zou dat zijn gegaan in ieder normaal land waar men niet de gewoonte heeft Financiën toe te vertrouwen aan een opeenvolgende reeks juristen (denk aan Reynders, denk aan Vanackere).
Neen, hier gaat de lof der dwaasheid zover, dat het CD&V/ACW bastion Dexia veel liever kunstmatig in leven houden. Er was met Dexia immers overeen gekomen dat de holding jaarlijks een half procent zou betalen voor de verworven staatsgaranties, en dit dertig jaar lang. [Mariani heeft ondertussen wel laten weten dat Dexia niet 0.5 % per jaar KAN betalen voor het gebruik van de staatsgaranties, amper … 0.05 %] Per jaar komt die 0.5 % neer op 300 miljoen – 300 miljoen die de federale staat absoluut nodig heeft om het begrotingstekort onder de fameuze 3 % van de Maastrichtnorm te houden. Die ziekelijke inhaligheid van de Belgische staat (die absoluut die 300 miljoen wil, niet de luttele 30 miljoen die Mariani desnoods wel wil betalen) dreigt de burger de komende jaren geen 5000 euro per persoon te kosten, maar wel – u leest het goed, mevrouw, u leest het goed, mijnheer – 40.000 euro per persoon, jawel 160.000 euro per gezin. Begint u alvast maar uw woning te verkopen. Want zo is het: om 300 miljoen per jaar te kunnen verdienen neemt onze fiere Belgische overheid inderdaad een risico van 403 miljard euro. U volgt even niet? Ik leg het u uit, mijnheer, u uit mevrouw. En denk nu maar niet: “Ha die klootzak van een Van Rossem, het enige wat hij kan is brave godsvruchtige burgers de daver op het lijf jagen!” Leest u dan toch nog even De Standard van gisteren: ook daar staat zwart op wit op papier wat het revisorenkantoor ontdekte. Er staat: “De regering zit dus vast: ze wil een hogere vergoeding, maar dat betekent dat Dexia NV van vers kapitaal moet worden voorzien. Als de overheden Dexia NV moeten helpen herkapitaliseren tegen de huidige extreem lage beurskoersen, worden ze de hoofdaandeelhouder, waardoor de balans van de Dexia Groep (403 miljard schuld per eind december) bij de staatsschuld geteld zou moeten worden. Dat zou ongeveer neerkomen op een verdubbeling van de staatsschuld. Het is dus kiezen tussen de cholera en de pest.” (artikel van Pascal Dendooven, angstvallig verzwegen op alle Belgische zenders: iets wat de brave Belgische burger beter niet weet.)
Ja mevrouw, ja mijnheer, leest u het er maar een tweede en een derde keer op na. Om zeker te zijn van hun 300 miljoen Dexia-inkomen per jaar zijn onze schrandere heren Di Rupo en Vanackere bereid een risico te lopen van 403 miljard, is meer dan ons complete bruto binnenlands product!
Het nog even schep stellen: de regering heeft de keuze tussen Dexia onmiddellijk failliet te laten gaan mits het neertellen van 54.5 miljard, of alles zijn beloop te laten gaan en uiteindelijk 403 miljard te moeten afdokken. Deze tragedie had dus kunnen worden vermeden indien Vanackere onmiddellijk beslag had laten leggen op de 20 miljard en 30 miljard die Dexia van Europa kreeg. Dat het niet is gebeurd? Tja zeg, eventjes vergeten. Heeft mijnheer Vanackere al niet genoeg aan het hoofd? En zijn ze misschien niet goed bezig? Kijk maar, partijgenoot Hendrik Bogaert werkt zich uit de naad om de concurrentiekracht van onze economie te verbeteren: als het van Hendrikje de Clown afhangt - het hangt niet! - moet de werknemer vijf jaar lang 1 % van zijn koopkracht inboeten. Mocht dat niet volstaan - neen het volstaat niet (lees mijn notitie over de inhaligheid van de overheid) dan wil Hendrikje er graag nog eens vijf jaar bijdoen, dus de werknemers 10 % verarmen in tien jaar tijd.
En onze banken, zijn die niet goed bezig misschien? Die dutsen moeten de interest op de spaarboekjes toch laten zakken tot 0.75 % plus 0.25 % getrouwheidspremie. Ze kunnen toch niet anders, zeker? Kortom: dezelfde banken die eerst overeind moesten worden gehouden met de tientallen miljarden van de belastingbetaler hebben nu het lef dezelde belastingbetaler nog eens te bestelen door een interest op spaarboekjes uit te keren die liefst drie keer lager is dan de inflatie. En terwijl het CVP bolwerk bezig is de altijd ja-knikkende Belg verder te verarmen wil de dapperste telg van het tsjevengeslacht, Hendrik Bogaertje de loontrekkenden boven dit alles nog eens 5 of 10 % extra verarmen. Alles lijkt erop dat onze overheden het noorden compleet kwijt zijn. Maar de Dexia factuur wordt onomkoombaar gepresenteerd. Terwijl het perfect vermijdbaar was geweest. Om er ziek van te worden. Kotsmisselijk. Kijk! Ik kots.

12 April 2012

LSD in our Food ? Positivity s*cks, ... a bit

Positivity S*ck , a bit .. is LSD stuffed in our food ?

I tend to spent a lot of time nagging on thing that bother me. And I can see on how friends answer me on FB or even in a private encounter that they don’t like it or feel uncomfortable with it.

I got some people trying to force me into “being positive” , and that bothered me. I AM POSITIVE.

It’s just hard for me to enjoy life, or my work or society ALL DAY LONG , if I’m reminded of how bad things are ALL DAY LONG.This morning I got another letter for an extra tax I will have to pay  because of the crisis, I fueled my car, higher fuel price, bought cheese asked if I got shares for THAT price per kilogram , Saw my bank taking money of my account to pay a bill I forgot ( actually kept aside because no money) ,just got a wakeup call (again) because my revenue dropped about 35% from last year’s april and I know I have a load of bills to pay this summer which I also postponed to pay  this winter due to again to little revenue.

Anyway, enough about me, what about the rest of my friends? They pay the same higher price for goods and services, pay a lot more taxes as everybody and have certainly some payments they are delaying, so why are they not nagging ?

Is it me ? YES it is me, being the only one ( give me some room) who is frustrated with this situation of general failure.   Read about the fear of the crowd on :

But my friends are putting their heads in the sand, stating they can’t do anything about it.

I am not proposing to stop life , just to stop sharing “good news” as if you are on LSD or something. Bad things get worse BECAUSE of too much ignoring !

So enjoy life, but stay alert and get involved…

Helping NOTHING !

 “ Radicals of the world, UNITE : WORLD WAR 2012”

Iran, N-Korea,Taliban,Al-Qaeda,terrorists,radicalists of all colors and ideology  of the world, UNITE.

You should unite,  doing NOTHING !!!

LET’s fight together against capitalism and the imperialist or my neighbor, bla bla bla bla, get real….

I get it ,you have a problem, a lover’s quarrel , about what? Do you still remember? And who started it? I’m sure it’s the other one’s fault. HE STARTED IT !

I would have to make two points here.  

First , YOU ARE BOTH IDIOTS! If you are married, get a divorce, if you are nations or population segment , get a third, neutral party to make up some rules and be arbitrary and get a grip , and GET YOUR PEOPLE OUT OF MISERY !

What? Not easy, OK, …and ? What’s next ? You cannot keep living like this ! It’s hard to see another way, but for now, the money you are spending on weapons and logistics to fight and the effort put into fighting is about enough to save everybody from starvation and to rebuild your community . Just a question, where is your money going? YES, to US !!! (Imperialists 1- YOU 0). What? You are flooding our world with drugs? , So you are getting rid of our weak citizens for us.( Imperialists 2-YOU 0,  AND you spent that easy money on our weapons, remember!

What’s that ? Assaults, terrorist attacks ? Pfff ,just giving us an extra reason to get more weapons and security personnel in our own community AND get into your country and bomb the hell out of your hometown. ( 3-0)

Second point, don’t worry! If you want capitalism to fail and the Imperialists to fall, we are quite capable of doing so on our own, thank you for trying to help. Look, a couple of bankers took all our money ,maybe it was bad luck , so GOD abandoned us (Imperialist 3 - you 1) , or it’s a setup driven by greed, which makes us egoistic ( Imperialists  3 – you 2) or it’s just a system error, a root cause problem, build on decisions of “smart people” which makes us stupid (3-3) . We are starving our own people (Greek children are fainting in school because they don’t have FOOD)  3-4, nobody cares 3-5 , we are losing our houses 3-6. We are ruining the world, so more people get mad at us and so favoring you 3-7. Actually, that small segment of people who actually really benefit of this global situation of fear, food, weapons, WAR, etc. , which are the real problem makers, is getting richer but smaller, and more stupid, believe me ! Last time that happened in the Imperialist world was 1789 in France, and we killed everybody who we thought was guilty. So it’s just a matter of time you see!

So we WILL be solving the problem by executing the ones who are feeding you with guns and helping sustain war in your country , or we change our ways completely and get to a society  with basic attitudes which keep  people in a natural, unforced harmony . And if that means that we keep people physically apart to get them not to fight , OK, why not. Anyway problem solved 3-8.  

Congratulations on winning, doing nothing , relax and have a drink ! !

10 April 2012

Children of a lesser CEO

OMG, I'm going to lose some credit with some CEO's now, but hey, no cake without breaking some eggs.
YES there ARE "lesser CEO's " , lesser because they are on top of an organization which has too many "waste" and they don't see it . Why ? Because the individual CEO is unable to! He took over from his predecessor, probably had a little chat about goals , general “culture” , the weak spots , the collaborators “with an attitude”  the strong spots, the “human assets” etc.
But that’s what HE thinks. (and in extension is the idea which the bigger part of the management has and will defend…)
The “culture” is way more complex, where a manager (CEO being the top manager) thinks the company is X , the crowd (the operational, VALUE ADDING slice) has a perception of Y.
When the ratio between X and Y reaches 1 you’re a winner!  But, CEO, did you ever thought of measuring it ?  Most likely not, again because probably you won’t even consider the fact that there could be a big pile of “waste “in your organization.
Numbers are good, stakeholders are satisfied, shareholders are satisfied, sales are ok, so why bother? That’s indeed one way to see things.

But what if you could increase the net profit? Higher employee satisfaction ,higher job opportunities, lesser job-hoppers, faster decision making, more efficient decision making, employee involvement, product prices could stay stable for extended periods of time or even decrease without any problem of shareholders going MAD ?  
The real “Culture“is measurable and important to any CEO who is conscious of the importance of efficient “management”…

So now that you know of the difference in perception of the “culture” for X and Y , and the fact that your senior and middle management could be sharing  a wrong  idea with you ,you are no longer unconscious, what to do with it, is your decision…

But  if a CEO wouldn’t bother, and his only concern is his own career and bonus, can’t we refer to him then as a lesser CEO ?

09 April 2012

Global Universal Attitudes for decision takers

Global “ Stockholm syndrome “

I grew up in an era of great turbulence . I witnessed IRA, PLO, ETA, Rote Armee Fraktion, Black September, and CCC (I Belgium) etc . One of the things that kept running through my mind was the Norrmalmstorg robbery and more specific the syndrome which was named after the hostages where liberated… “The Stockholm syndrome is an apparently paradoxical psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness” (

So let’s go into that for a minute… A big part of the western world is in a terrible crisis, no argument there, so for the sake of the story  this is my “crime, the robbery if you’d like” . We all are suffering in one way or another, or we are unemployed, pay too much for basic needs or any needs , or are “forced” into a situation where we would do things we shouldn’t do and doing them because  of or intuitive perception of unfair social status (examples are legio ) that makes us the victims.

The hostage takers are thus : decision takers whom decide for us what to do and what not and pouring this into law’s and rules , others  decide what we should pay for goods and services (partially influenced by that first  party “providing” us with the rules)…  

The sympathy issue. Yes, we express “sympathy” because we don’t express any other emotion , maybe some frustration, I’ll give in on that but not a lot more.

So here you are , if you would grant me some literary freedom, we collectively are suffering from “Stockholm syndrome”.

What about “Occupy” and other fractions ? Yes , but that’s what they are, a “fraction” barely enough  to get anybody to startle. What now than, well I don’t know, what about starting with a beautiful white paper an rethink  society in a whole. New attitudes, new minsdsets, new ways of “money business” , economics, new ways of pricing, .. There still will be rich people and poorer people, classes of people, differences, arguments, but what if we can achieve it with less stress on the planet, and with no inflation, no political influence just common sense and “evidence based decision making” , so every decision is a good one and if we “f*ck up” we alter it ASAP instead of dragging it along for decades… Not possible you say, a dream? Come on, that’s what they said about space travel, and a bunch of other things too. Our only handicap if any is technology. We couldn’t get to the moon without a rocket but how did we get to a rocket? Correct, by those “rebels” who did there thing by themselves despite of what people said. And now our “passivity” and general mindset is keeping us in that position of hostage even if our aggressors are not aggressing us consciously…

Could anybody ( or better everybody) than write down a set of basic rules and attitudes that we can use as a template on how to get efficient, social,ecological decisions ?  I”ll start with the first one. “Creating a society where everybody can live without freedom for fear and freedom from want is the highest goal, any decision we take should not provoke extra “cost” of living or expense to the fellow citizen of the world. “

07 April 2012
Decisions, decisions,... one man's failure or "organized" stupidity ? More proably a subjective information filtering or some biased briefings...
With the anniversary in sight I could not go arround a textbook example of what and how things could go wrong when stacking poor decisions. The preception of it being unsinkable, bad riveting, number of liferafts,attacting the record of crossing the ocean, etc ...  basicly, there where two main proceses that went wrong: the decisions in designing and the decisions in execution. (with the designing being the worst, as far as I can take a position..)
Coffee or tea ? A simple question, or is it ? Suppose I wanted the perfect drink for me and you would have to get it, how many questions would you ask before knowing how to get it for me ?  5,10 ? I take coffee, so the next question should be milk or sugar, and that's about it. Two years ago I got my first Starbuck coffee ( hey I'm European ,so cut me some slack) and I got a whole bunch of questions I never expected,such as what's your name... But what about all the other questions they didn't ask me? I'll drag you out of Starbuck's and put you in a white,neutral cube and let you try to get me my perfect coffee. ( there , I gave you the first answer, I'll take coffe,thank you) but now, are you giving me an espresso or an instant coffee or a filter coffe ? Grained by hand or grained off the shelf or maybe a Nespresso  ? Which beans, arabica or robusto, or will it be mixed and in what proportion ? Milk, , creamer, powder, cream, the milk, skimmed cow, yak) Sugar, white , brown, liquid,  honey or maybe sweetener, natural or synthetic... Or is it more Irish coffee-like ? Whipped cream, fresh or not, whiskey, cognac, Sambucca, Amaretto... the sugar question again, and than , in a cup, mug, bowl, glas,jar, ... Actually I'd prefer a Turkish coffe, dubble heated with cardamon and cinnamon, made in a Cezve, grained by hand (very fine) a lot of natural sugar (didn't see that one coming did you ? ) THIS is what rebels do, we "GET" this, we life by these questions and guess what, we get surprised by a bunch more questions we didn't ask, so when will any number of questions be enough ? An answer could be never, but as many as possible is beter than too little for sure... an thus I'm drinking my perfect Turkish Coffe, as requested,.. but don't get me the same tomorrow, I might get a tea, so ask me again in the morning...

05 April 2012

....My renagade friends :-)
Evidence Based Decision Making !... I guess that's the basic idea behind what I am trying to share .
I came up with the name while I was following the Advanced management course and had a briefing of the medical component of the Belgian Armed Forces about use of "evidence based medicine" when deploying a "Role 1,2,3" in International Operations.

Amongst other things I used Karl Popper's falsification theory for the "indept study" of this item.

Who's study what that ? I guess some generals , colonels and maybe some politicians and industrials who "debated" without thinking, common issue all over the world in multiple industries...

04 April 2012

another example of crowd intelligence

MIX Mashup

MIX Mashup

Hello my fellow rebel

As a non-standard part of the Belgian Airforce since 1987 , I suffered a constant "pain".
The pain of having to indulge people who ignore other people based on difference in education, rank or mindset.And yet, there are plenty of issues I helped changing for the better, but it took blood,sweat and tears and a exuberant amount of time, usefull time and in the meanwhile the community lost millions...

So after 23 years and numerous attempts to try to "change" the organization (in a timely manner) I gave up on doing it the standard way, so now, after carefull consideration, I will spread the word in this blog on what my vision is on "management" based on my experience...

It's no rocket science or rebelious thoughts, they are commonly known and accepted items but I guess nobody bothers to emphesize them or order them, ... that's one of my findings : ignorance,indifference or trivialization is a business breaker, or better yet a "source of  waste" :-)  ....

Parts of my "essay" or white paper will be published later this month.

I hope many of you will share my thoughts and share yours with me ... And as I am a genuine "rebel" I am extremely flexible for other manns opinion.