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There is a huge need for “change” , for “corporate excellence” , to tackle the world’s problems in a whole. But how? Absolutely NOT how we did “manage” it the last 120 years. LEAN, SixSigma, PDCA, AI, ERP, ….. all “tools” to “get on track” again. But which track ? The same? Preferably not I would say.

Excellence should be a mindset by default , and for many of us it is, in fact I cannot imagine somebody going to work in the morning saying “Let’s make as much trouble as possible” and yet…. How do we get into as much trouble as we do ? My answer is simple : Because we have poor (weak) decision making. And how is that possible? By information getting
filtered out through “subjective analyze”. In this blog I will be posting some comments on (global and local) issues, which could be a result of poor decision making, just for the sake of showing that this is a universal problem in all industries and through all categories or levels of decision takers.

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12 May 2012

PV : Management is a tool

Management is the support tool of a company.ยต

There is just a smal part of management that is really setting the company policy and direction (the top 5 let's say). All the rest  is support, looking for opportunities, efficiency and helping the workforce to able them to get to value adding! ... don't tell the workers what to do, just tell them what you want and then support them with all they need !
All management should just guide, not lead !

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