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There is a huge need for “change” , for “corporate excellence” , to tackle the world’s problems in a whole. But how? Absolutely NOT how we did “manage” it the last 120 years. LEAN, SixSigma, PDCA, AI, ERP, ….. all “tools” to “get on track” again. But which track ? The same? Preferably not I would say.

Excellence should be a mindset by default , and for many of us it is, in fact I cannot imagine somebody going to work in the morning saying “Let’s make as much trouble as possible” and yet…. How do we get into as much trouble as we do ? My answer is simple : Because we have poor (weak) decision making. And how is that possible? By information getting
filtered out through “subjective analyze”. In this blog I will be posting some comments on (global and local) issues, which could be a result of poor decision making, just for the sake of showing that this is a universal problem in all industries and through all categories or levels of decision takers.

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07 April 2012

Coffee or tea ? A simple question, or is it ? Suppose I wanted the perfect drink for me and you would have to get it, how many questions would you ask before knowing how to get it for me ?  5,10 ? I take coffee, so the next question should be milk or sugar, and that's about it. Two years ago I got my first Starbuck coffee ( hey I'm European ,so cut me some slack) and I got a whole bunch of questions I never expected,such as what's your name... But what about all the other questions they didn't ask me? I'll drag you out of Starbuck's and put you in a white,neutral cube and let you try to get me my perfect coffee. ( there , I gave you the first answer, I'll take coffe,thank you) but now, are you giving me an espresso or an instant coffee or a filter coffe ? Grained by hand or grained off the shelf or maybe a Nespresso  ? Which beans, arabica or robusto, or will it be mixed and in what proportion ? Milk, , creamer, powder, cream, the milk, skimmed cow, yak) Sugar, white , brown, liquid,  honey or maybe sweetener, natural or synthetic... Or is it more Irish coffee-like ? Whipped cream, fresh or not, whiskey, cognac, Sambucca, Amaretto... the sugar question again, and than , in a cup, mug, bowl, glas,jar, ... Actually I'd prefer a Turkish coffe, dubble heated with cardamon and cinnamon, made in a Cezve, grained by hand (very fine) a lot of natural sugar (didn't see that one coming did you ? ) THIS is what rebels do, we "GET" this, we life by these questions and guess what, we get surprised by a bunch more questions we didn't ask, so when will any number of questions be enough ? An answer could be never, but as many as possible is beter than too little for sure... an thus I'm drinking my perfect Turkish Coffe, as requested,.. but don't get me the same tomorrow, I might get a tea, so ask me again in the morning...