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There is a huge need for “change” , for “corporate excellence” , to tackle the world’s problems in a whole. But how? Absolutely NOT how we did “manage” it the last 120 years. LEAN, SixSigma, PDCA, AI, ERP, ….. all “tools” to “get on track” again. But which track ? The same? Preferably not I would say.

Excellence should be a mindset by default , and for many of us it is, in fact I cannot imagine somebody going to work in the morning saying “Let’s make as much trouble as possible” and yet…. How do we get into as much trouble as we do ? My answer is simple : Because we have poor (weak) decision making. And how is that possible? By information getting
filtered out through “subjective analyze”. In this blog I will be posting some comments on (global and local) issues, which could be a result of poor decision making, just for the sake of showing that this is a universal problem in all industries and through all categories or levels of decision takers.

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12 April 2012

LSD in our Food ? Positivity s*cks, ... a bit

Positivity S*ck , a bit .. is LSD stuffed in our food ?

I tend to spent a lot of time nagging on thing that bother me. And I can see on how friends answer me on FB or even in a private encounter that they don’t like it or feel uncomfortable with it.

I got some people trying to force me into “being positive” , and that bothered me. I AM POSITIVE.

It’s just hard for me to enjoy life, or my work or society ALL DAY LONG , if I’m reminded of how bad things are ALL DAY LONG.This morning I got another letter for an extra tax I will have to pay  because of the crisis, I fueled my car, higher fuel price, bought cheese asked if I got shares for THAT price per kilogram , Saw my bank taking money of my account to pay a bill I forgot ( actually kept aside because no money) ,just got a wakeup call (again) because my revenue dropped about 35% from last year’s april and I know I have a load of bills to pay this summer which I also postponed to pay  this winter due to again to little revenue.

Anyway, enough about me, what about the rest of my friends? They pay the same higher price for goods and services, pay a lot more taxes as everybody and have certainly some payments they are delaying, so why are they not nagging ?

Is it me ? YES it is me, being the only one ( give me some room) who is frustrated with this situation of general failure.   Read about the fear of the crowd on :

But my friends are putting their heads in the sand, stating they can’t do anything about it.

I am not proposing to stop life , just to stop sharing “good news” as if you are on LSD or something. Bad things get worse BECAUSE of too much ignoring !

So enjoy life, but stay alert and get involved…

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